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   North Central Zone Referees Committee: Practice Exams

The instructors often find that the best way to try and learn the rules of the game and to make yourself a better official because of it is by taking practice exams.  We recommend that before you take the clinic this year you have a look at the exams listed below.  Try and do the exam first before you look at the answers that are also posted. 

This section is broken up between two links.  The first sections is the multiple choice exam that Levels 1-3 are required to write every year.  The second section contains SRD (State Referee's Decision) exams that levels 4 and 5 officials are required to complete every year.  If you feel comfortable with the multiple choice try your luck with the SRD exams.

Good Luck!!

Multiple Choice Exams

2012/2013 Multiple Choice          Answer Key

2013/2014 Multiple Choice          Answer Key

2014/2015 Multiple Choice          Answer Key

SRD Exams  

2006/2007 SRD

2007/2008 SRD

2008/2009 SRD

2009/2010 SRD

2010 NCZRC Fall SRD- Practice the exam that all the officials who are officiating Midget AAA in the 2010/11 season had to write.....